The History of Pannithor

Deep, in the sunken twilight gloom of the Therennia Adar streets, there is a door.

It is an unremarkable door, passed daily by the feet of thousands as they potter about their daily lives. There is no keyhole, nor a handle, indeed - no means to enter by those who do not know its secret; a protective enchantment woven by Valandor himself almost a millennia ago.

The door hides behind it a vast hall lit by an array of glistening mirrors that re-cast the soft light from the skies above. Impossibly tall, tiered wooden shelves surround a central chamber, each heavy with parched, dusty tomes, ancient volumes and grimoires of the learned elven races. A gigantic, tanned animal hide is stretched across an immense table in the exact center of the hall, thought to have been taken from the ancient king of the mammoths; Y’Roon Thunderfoot.

Under ordinary circumstances the towering shelves, intricate system of mirrors or gargantuan hide might be enough to draw one's attention. Yet, atop the table hovers a giant quill supported by unknown magics as it jolts this way and that. It scratches black hydra blood ink into a fantastically detailed map of the known world across the leather.

Since time forgotten, the quill has faithfully recorded the ever-changing shape of Pannithor; the rise and fall of empires, the kingdoms and the borders that shift, merge, come and go. Entire civilizations, decisive events and battles have all been steadily and dispassionately recorded by this unerring cartographer. Practitioners can ask the map to have itself redrawn to show the world as it was at any time, the birth, rise and fall of powers, nations and empires shown through the scrawled movement of thin black lines.

Perhaps most intriguing is to research those who fell between the cracks of record. To study the map is to understand the subtle influence that the so-called minor peoples had on the shaping of the world and the ripples of their interactions down the ages. The map reveals all; peoples and places most never knew existed, an unbiased account of “heroic” deeds, wars fought, won and lost.

The world is much bigger than many people believe.


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