Sylvan Kin

While the armies of the Fey still continue to adopt many of the traditional elven battle formations and unit types, their appearance mimics the wild nature of the Fey themselves. Armour and weaponry may appear organic and even grown in place, adapting to the wearer. When the Fey are roused to war, the clarion calls of ancient ironoak horns resonate and reverberate through the trunks of the majestic woodland sentinels.

El’Rik was raised in a lonely sentinel spire on the southern slopes of the Mountains of Alandar. He represents the coming together of two very different strands of the world in which the elves exist, combining both into a truly unique individual. El’Rik’s mother was a mage serving in the court of Ileuthar, a spellcaster well known for her ability to manipulate the strands of fate. His father was a wild battle-dancer, an Archwraith of the Sylvan Kin from distant Galahir. The two came together when the mighty Accord of Light was raised to repel an invasion of dead-things pouring from dark Ophidia.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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