Riftforged Orcs

From Deep within the Abyss, the Wicked One Garkan the Black has toiled for millennia at his soul forges. Always seeking new ways to unleash terror upon the unsuspecting world, it seemed that even for Garkan that he would never better his warlike creations, the orcs. Until now…

The creation of a Riftforged legionary is no easy task. Each must be flesh-forged within the Abyss, and thus it can take considerable time for a legion to receive reinforcements while on
campaign. As a result, though they are almost without fear, no legionary will sell their life
cheaply. That’s where the unforged orc regiments come into their own. These common orcs follow the legions in great numbers, awestruck by the sheer power of their larger cousins, and desperate to take their place amongst the ranks.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Clash of Kings 2022 Supplement

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