More than a century after their revolt and escape from the Abyssal Dwarfs, the Ratkin have become a menace that has plagued many of the civilised lands. Tales of savage beasts, arcane magics and bizarre contraptions going to war alongside hordes of chittering vermin cause fear where ever they’re heard. The Ratkin are coming.

The revolt and breakout was a maelstrom of blood, fur, teeth, and gore. When they turned on their masters and creator, they showed no mercy. Thousands of Abyssal Dwarfs died as the vast pack boiled though the halls on its way deeper into the earth. Unknown to their overlords, the Ratkin had been preparing for this moment for years. Miles and miles of new tunnels had been burrowed away from the Abyss, far away in an escape route that could expedite the flight of a new species of evil, somewhere they could form their own destiny and plot revenge on the wickedness that had spawned them.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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