The Order of the Brothermark

The vast majority of the Brotherhood villeins and families that lived off the former Brotherhood lands choose to remain and help rebuild their lives and homes. The new Order still requires all able-bodied members of society to become trained infantry. The Order operates a rotation system of service so that these most productive members of society spend several months fighting and several months using their practical skills to provide food and other essentials and weapons, always required by the fortress garrisons and field armies.

The Knights of the Brotherhood swore great oaths dedicating their lives to one purpose: hunting down and eradicating the agents of the Wicked Ones wherever they could find them. Those knights whose armour had been ensorcelled by Valandor became the Order of Redemption, taking on the burden of fighting the fiercest enemies as penance for the failure of the forces of good in fully protecting the world from Winter’s aftermath. Over time, as knights from the Order of Redemption fell in battle, their suits of armour were installed into the heart of the Brotherhood’s fortress, the amphitheatre-like hall known as the Council Chamber.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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