Noble Undead

Necromancy as a source of magic is not inherently evil – atleast that’s how it is taught in Ophidia and for those who secretly study it in other lands. To command the undead is to have an army that never tires, providing a magic wielder and their liege devout, endless protection and used as a workforce offers respite for the living from the labours of the land. Skeletons, mummies and wights are some of the reanimated souls that are called upon to serve the living after death. Jarvis is one such academic who believes in this “noble” pursuit…

Jarvis had been the best student at the Academy. Humans touched by the gift of magic were exceptionally rare and even when they could control the fickle currents, it was always a struggle that left them exhausted. Yet Jarvis could weave those currents with remarkable ease, leaving some to speculate he must be half-elf or at least have been blessed by elvenkind. The rumours spread around Valentica but Jarvis paid them no heed. Instead, he threw himself into his studies. It was during these studies that Jarvis began reading about the Ophidians and their mastery of the undead.

– lore snippet from 2nd Ed. Edge of the Abyss Supplement

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