League of Rhordia

Fighting alongside the regular infantry, the Foot, or House, Guard are elite, professional veterans—well-drilled and experienced campaigners. Used as their bodyguard, these units are greatly valued by barons and dukes alike for their loyal and efficient service.

Two cities fell and the rest looked on in fear, knowing their fractured armies could not withstand the onslaught. At least not on their own; together they stood a chance. From the City of Eowolf, one man spoke up. The chaplain Alobart Rhor, head of the Church of the Children, saw his people forgetting the lessons of the past. He browbeat the dukes from the remaining cities together and forged an alliance against the new, common foe. For the next few years and by sheer force of will, Rhor led the new alliance into a counter attack that first blunted and then pushed back the orc assault, ultimately defeating it at the Battle of Halman’s Farm.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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