Kingdoms of Men

Aeons of warfare have not diminished the classic shieldwall formations favoured by many human armies and civilisations through the ages. Warriors are equipped with chain mail or leather armour and carry a sword or axe and a wide shield that they can lock together to adopt a defensive barrier. Human noblemen tend to equip the elite warriors making up their foot guard with the best armour and weaponry that their wealth can afford.

As a whole, men have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with the other speaking races of Pannithor. Several states have very close ties with the elves, the Valenticans in particular, with two great elven cities
actually being part of it, and elven quarters in almost every other city besides. Dwarfs live throughout man’s lands, descendants of refugees from the fall of the northern holds and, more recently, King Golloch’s
reign. The northern tribes sometimes make common cause with the orcs or the Abyssal Dwarfs or are else forced to fight for them as slaves.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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