The Herd

Fauns, Satyrs, and the like are equipped with light armour, hand weapons, and shields; the tribal warriors of the Herd are mighty and brave. Given a choice, however, they would rather live at peace with everything around them. As such, some tribespeople are less suited to the rigor of frontline combat but are still duty-bound to protect the tribes, families, and world around them.

Brave Kyron, the Shining aspect of his twisted kin, saw what had happened and bent his will to the aid of these creatures. Alas, he found the work of the forges was irreversible, the fusion of wildly disparate beings unable to be undone by any magic he possessed. Instead, to avoid the same fate befalling them as had befallen the orcs, Brave Kyron used his powers to heal the damage within their souls and hearts as best he could, giving comfort and relief, opening their eyes to the possibilities of a better life than had been intended for them.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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