While the halflings do love the pleasures of life, they are willing to go to great lengths to protect those things from anyone they think might be trying to take them away. They will defend their own with a savagery and viciousness that have taken many by surprise – and to their fatal cost.

Members of the League for well over a hundred years, the shires have become the breadbasket of Rhordia and the loyalty, cunning, and ingenuity of the halflings are highly valued by all League members. In the decades that have followed their joining, many of the states grew to have significant halfling populations and their appearance became commonplace everywhere across the lands of the alliance. However, in recent times, there is disquiet in the shires and, within the halls and burrows of the assembly, whispered conversations talk of seceding altogether.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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