Free Dwarfs

Free Dwarf armies tend to have more of the so-called berserkers—those individuals known for their bouts of depression, melancholy, introspection, and unpredictable violence. Having spent more time upon the earth than under it, companies of rangers are a far more common sight than in the Imperial armies of the south. Lacking the resources of Golloch’s legions, especially after the loss of Halpi, it is not uncommon to see more of the citizens of the Free Dwarfs taking up arms, too—something the Imperial army would be far less inclined to encourage.

While the majority of dwarfs live out most of their existence deep underground, obsessively pursuing mineral seams quite literally to the ends of the earth, a small number spend their days above ground. These are the Ranger Companies, a class marked apart from their kin by their distinctly un-dwarf-like love of the open air. Because the rangers are set apart from the mass of dwarf-kind, their deeds often go overlooked and undervalued by others. This is not the case with the ranger known as Herneas, however, for this most skilled of dwarf heroes has earned grudging honour even among the most conservative of his kind.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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