Forces of Nature

To understand the forces that march beneath the banners of the Green Lady, one must first understand the deity herself. Unique among all the old and new gods of Pannithor, the Green Lady seeks always to preserve balance in the world, to stave off the dominance of good and evil alike, and to crush those who would seek to undo it, whoever they may be.

The Forces of Nature are unique in Pannithor. No other race or faction in the world commands such diversity amongst its ranks. No other king, lord or deity can command such fierce loyalty as the Green Lady does from so many far-flung ends of the globe. With the power at her command, the Lady could crush all before her and rule supreme, should she so choose. It is the very fact that she does not which ensures those loyalties, and maintains her position in the world.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Rulebook

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